I've worked for many years in a challenging and inspiring career in the building industry and love a good house renovation project. Post pandemic with twin toddlers I have had to develop new boundaries and goals for myself and my family. I can't work overtime to prove my value anymore and deeply desire time spent playing with the kiddos. I've had to be much more intentional about how I spend my time caring for my physical and mental health.

My goal through this adventure is to build more flexibility into our lives, less stress for myself as the breadwinner, and multiple streams of income that are recession proof so we have more time to invest into our family, and other big 'fun' ideas. I want to help others meet these same goals.

We used to dream of that 'travel van / tiny house' lifestyle, but post kids, we dream of a stable home base with adventures to see the world. Rather than that 'no roots' lifestyle I used to fantasize about, I want to grow where I'm planted, breathe deeply, and strengthen the people around me.

The goals are...

  1. More time

  2. More community

  3. More money

  4. Less stress

I fear that being tied to a desk for the many years to come will steal my energy and interests away from me. I fear that the life I dream of is unattainable for me because I don't have the skills or know-how. I fear that I will fail and be judged for it. So that's why I signed up for a training program. I have enjoyed the positivity and encouragement that the Freedom Affiliate team implements in all their programs.

Sometimes you need a nudge to take the next step. Consider this your nudge.

Explore our curated collection of resources and tools designed to help you develop a growth mindset, overcome challenges, and achieve your goals. Build mental fortitude, resilience, and financial stability to create a grace-filled life.

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